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Stay up to date on the policies and legislation related to ePrescribing in veterinary medicine by subscribing to the POCP Veterinary Medicine Solution. While the adoption of ePrescribing in veterinary medicine has been slower compared to human medicine, recent years have witnessed a remarkable surge in regulatory requirements mandating its usage has spurred adoption.

Who is this Meant for?

  • Health Technology Vendors (e.g. EHRs) with veterinary solutions 

  • Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

What is included in the Veterinary Medicine Subscription? 

  Unparalleled Data and Insights

   Comprehensive state-by-state data related to ePrescribing in veterinary medicine.

      • requirements for

        • electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS),

        • prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP),

        • telemedicine practices, and

        • restrictions on drug compounding.

With our subscription, you'll have the knowledge you need to navigate the evolving landscape of veterinary medicine confidently.

How do I access the Veterinary Medicine Subscription?

  Veterinary Medicine Subscription is available in the same easy-to-use portal as ePrescribing State Law Review and includes:

      • A 50-state grid

      • Training & onboarding for new subscribers

      • Quarterly updates

      • Executive summary of changes each quarter

      • Access to POCP subject matter experts for content-related questions and clarifications

      • User-Friendly Online Platform

By subscribing, you will have access to all the state-by-state data via a user-friendly online platform, Below are some sample of the valuable information and resources available to you, including full reference citations, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips.

Expert Consultancy and Support

We know understanding how some regulations may impact your organization can be overwhelming. That's why our subscription includes 2 hours of consultancy per quarter, offering you personalized support and guidance from industry experts. We're here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you optimize the value of your subscription.

Point-of-Care Partners’ Veterinary Medicine Subscription service includes the following:

State-by-state data covering
    • EPCS – are Veterinary practitioners mandated or exempt from EPCS
    • PDMP – are Veterinary practitioners required to register, submit and/or query PDMP before prescribing a controlled substance
    • Telemedicine – is this practice permissible for veterinary care
    • Compounding – are there restrictions about ePrescribing compounding
  • Full reference citations
  • 2 hours of consultancy per quarter


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Save time by using curated policy intelligence, allowing your team to focus on your core mission

Drive operational and clinical efficiencies within your organization.


Enhance the policy integrity of your solution.


Exceed client expectations by staying ahead of policy changes.


Identify opportunities for strategic shifts or policy influence


Solution Examples

VetMed Grid
Veterinary Medicine Grid
VetMed Summary
Veterinary Medicine Summary