Did You Miss Our Webinar? 

seedling in handMore Data. More Challenges. More Opportunities to Transform Healthcare & Your Business

In this informative session, our expert panel provided an overview of the current health IT and interoperability landscape then moved to a panel discussion and explored how
                    • organizations can use data becoming available in this rapidly evolving landscape to achieve their business goals
                    • businesses can be more intentional about how they evolve to meet the new customer demands and
                    • organizations can meet changing expectations as the adoption of APIs dawns a new era in healthcare.
We discussed real-world examples of how stakeholders are leveraging APIs and the data being unlocked as well as talk about regulation and policy. 

Who should listen to the recording?

                    • Any organization with an interoperability roadmap (payers, health IT vendors, health systems, etc)
                    • Individuals tasked with interoperability, business transformation and operations



Melissa Bundy




Melissa Bundy

Marketing Lead

Jocelyn Keegan

Lead, Payer/Practice, Program Manager of HL7 Da Vinci

Teresa Younkin 

Senior Consultant, Informatics & Strategic Planning