Episode Topic: NCPDP's Innovative Pharmacy Standards for Expanded Services and Improved Patient Care


In the latest episode of "The Dish on Health IT," brought to you by Point-of-Care Partners, a riveting conversation unfolds as the hosts, Pooja Babbrah and Jocelyn Keegan, welcome a distinguished panel of guests from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP). The episode begins with warm introductions, setting the stage for an in-depth exploration of the cutting-edge developments and innovations in the realm of Health IT.

They kicked off the episode by introducing themselves, shedding light on their roles and professional backgrounds. Jocelyn Keegan shared her primary focus on payer-provider collaboration and prior authorization, setting the context for the exciting discussions to come.

The spotlight then shifted to their esteemed guests from NCPDP, including Lee Ann Stember, President and CEO, John Hill, COO and Foundation Executive Director, and Christian Tadrus, Vice Chair of the NCPDP Board of Trustees. Each guest provided a brief glimpse into their professional activities, highlighting their significant contributions to the healthcare landscape.

Lee Ann Stember, serving as the President and CEO of NCPDP for the last 43 years, is recognized as a leading figure in the healthcare standards development landscape. Her dedication and unwavering commitment to enhancing patient care and healthcare efficiency through enhanced pharmacy standards and workflows. 

John Hill, the Chief Operating Officer of NCPDP and Foundation Executive Director brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. John's multifaceted role in managing NCPDP's operations and spearheading the Foundation's efforts demonstrates his commitment to driving positive change in healthcare. His role as a pivotal liaison between NCPDP and various stakeholders underscores his dedication to fostering collaboration for the betterment of healthcare systems.

Christian Tadrus, the Vice Chair of the NCPDP Board of Trustees, is an instrumental leader in the organization's strategic initiatives. As a key player in the coordination of care and innovation workgroup, Christian is at the forefront of efforts to bridge the gap between pharmacists and other healthcare stakeholders. His deep understanding of the evolving role of pharmacists in healthcare positions him as a thought leader in driving healthcare interoperability and innovation.

The conversation shifted to the topics of the day and the guest were asked to elucidate NCPDP's mission and its remarkable milestone accomplishments. Lee Ann eloquently explained NCPDP's role as an accredited standards development organization, driving healthcare interoperability and ushering in a new era of efficient healthcare solutions.

One of the key highlights of the episode was the discussion surrounding the National Facilitator Model pilot. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to provide real-time prescription testing and immunization data, revolutionizing public health and care coordination. The hosts and guests underscored how this model could streamline healthcare processes, enhance patient outcomes, and elevate overall efficiency. Read the research findings from Phase 1 of NCPDP’s National Facilitator Model Pilot:  https://ncpdpfoundation.org/pdf/NationalFacilitatorModel_Phase1_Report.pdf

A significant theme that permeated the conversation was the evolving role of pharmacists in healthcare, especially during the pandemic. Pharmacists have taken on an expanded role in clinical services, including administering tests, treatments, and immunizations. This paradigm shift underscores the critical need for healthcare interoperability.

The episode also unveiled a new workgroup, the Coordination of Care and Innovation (CoCI), which aims to bridge the gap between pharmacists and other healthcare stakeholders. The objective is to ensure that standards are aligned to support the evolving role of pharmacists in patient care. Watch this video for an overview of NCPDP’s new CoCI, Work Group 20. https://rebrand.ly/NCPDP-WG20-mem00

In conclusion, this captivating episode of "The Dish on Health IT" offered a comprehensive overview of NCPDP's mission, milestones, and innovative endeavors. The National Facilitator Model pilot emerged as a beacon of promise for healthcare efficiency, while the evolving role of pharmacists highlighted the need for robust healthcare interoperability. The introduction of the Coordination of Care and Innovation workgroup symbolizes a pivotal step in unifying healthcare stakeholders. The key takeaways and calls to action include supporting NCPDP's three-year plan, emphasizing interoperability, health equity, and public health, and encouraging collaboration to drive positive changes in healthcare delivery. 

Learn more about NCPDP’s Work: 

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