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EHR Update on Regulations and Standards to Plan Your Roadmap Webinar

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EHRs are very much beholden to rules and regulations and the last few years have been a busy time for achieving compliance. The objective of this session was to not only provide an overview of the 21st Century Cures Act with a specific focus on the ONC information blocking rule, but to also look forward and forecast what’s coming and areas EHRs should focus resources on now. This includes insights into the impact of:

  • Latest enforcement updates as they pertain to EHR vendors and providers
  • USCDI version 2
  • ONC’s new focus on data movement out of AND into EHRs
  • The recent ONC Prior Authorization RFI (potential certification requirements)

In addition to looking forward to new rules and regulations on the horizon, presenters provided an overview of key FHIR and HL7 Da Vinci Implementation Guides available and how CDS hooks will continue to be important. FHIR is not the end all be all, other standards will be critical.




Pooja Babbrah

Practice Lead, PBM and Pharmacy Services

Chair, NCPDP Board of Trustees

Mike Burger

Practice Lead, EHRs