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The LTPAC Navigator combines access to Point-of-Care Partners regulatory experts with timely analyses of evolving laws and regulations governing electronic prescriptions generally and with a lens on the legislative impact to long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) settings. The service includes perpetually updated data sets for all 50 states and Washington, DC that provide the foundation for companies with a stake in ePrescribing to easily assess their compliance with state and federal rules and regulations and to stay ahead of the evolving eRx landscape for all healthcare settings including LTPAC.


What does the LTPAC Navigator cover? 

Fully updated quarterly with intermittent alerts for urgent changes, the LTPAC Navigator covers ePrescribing regulations for the 50 states and Washington, D.C. and highlights the specific impact on the LTPAC setting.

What’s included?

    • Comprehensive research of federal, local and state-by-state Board of Pharmacy (BOP) rules, regulations, and laws on ePrescribing, with real-time updates highlighting exceptions or variations for the LTPAC setting.
    • Local output format requirements for faxed and printed prescriptions
    • Information about rules and documentation requirements for mid-level providers for legend and controlled substance prescriptions
    • State requirements for ePrescribing system approval—addresses, URLs and BOP executive contact information are provided
    • Information about controlled substance schedule variances for states that categorize certain drugs differently from the DEA
    • A data table summarizing each state’s requirements as a shortcut reference for legal compliance during software programming
    • A detailed backup with relevant policy and history of changes is provided separately

How do I access the LTPAC State Navigator?

The LTPAC State Navigator is offered on a subscription basis and includes access to the user-friendly online portal featuring:

      • A 50-state grid
      • Indicators/flags alerting users of what states had new or changing policy
      • Sentinel alerts for important changes between quarterly release dates
      • Training discussion to review material
      • Quarterly updates to data within the portal
      • Executive summary of changes each quarter
      • On-demand presentation of key changes each quarter
      • 3 hours consulting time each quarter


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Save time by using curated policy intelligence, allowing your team to focus on your core mission

Drive operational and clinical efficiencies within your organization.


Enhance the policy integrity of your solution.


Exceed client expectations by staying ahead of policy changes.


Identify opportunities for strategic shifts or policy influence


Solution Examples

LTPAC Exceptions and Exemptions Report
LTPAC Exceptions and Exemptions Report