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Pharmacists have been expanding their roles in care teams, even before the COVID pandemic. During the pandemic, their capabilities were temporarily expanded, granting them additional prescribing, and administering power.

The industry and policy makers are recognizing the critical role pharmacists play in filling gaps in care, supporting patients, and advancing health equity initiatives. This recognition is reflected in both federal and state policies, with variations from state to state.

Navigating the complex landscape of pharmacy advanced practice policies can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's where the POCP Pharmacist Advanced Practice Subscription Service comes in. Our service provides you with up-to-date, state-by-state policy information related to pharmacy advanced practice, allowing your team to skip the labor-intensive research and make critical decisions with ease.

Who is this Meant for?

  • Health Technology Vendors (e.g. Pharmacy Information Systems or EHRs)
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • Payers
  • Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

What does the Pharmacist Advanced Practice Subscription include? 

  1. Provider Status: Stay informed about Medicaid eligibility of pharmacists for billing purposes

  2. Vaccinations: Know the types of vaccinations permissible to be prescribed by pharmacists in each state

  3. Collaborative Practice Regulations: Understand the permissibility of pharmacists to order or prescribe drugs, conduct Medication Therapy Management (MTM), and order laboratory tests based on collaborative agreements.

  4. Protocol or Standard Orders: Discover which drugs pharmacists can prescribe under protocol or other standard orders, categorized by drug type

  5. Consultancy: Enjoy 2 hours of consultancy per quarter, where our experts will be available to address your questions, provide guidance, and help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of policy and legislation related to pharmacy advanced practice.

How do I access the Pharmacist Advance Practice Subscription?

Pharmacist Advance Practice Subscription is available in the same easy-to-use portal as ePrescribing State Law Review and includes:

      • A 50-state grid
      • Training & onboarding for new subscribers
      • Quarterly updates
      • Executive summary of changes each quarter
      • Access to POCP subject matter experts for content-related questions and clarifications

User-Friendly Online Platform

By subscribing, you will have access to all the state-by-state data via a user-friendly online platform, Below are some examples of the valuable information and resources available to you, including full reference citations, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertip to make informed decisions about strategic opportunities, develop product roadmaps, and stay ahead of the curve in an evolving healthcare environment.



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Save time by using curated policy intelligence, allowing your team to focus on your core mission

Drive operational and clinical efficiencies within your organization.


Enhance the policy integrity of your solution.


Exceed client expectations by staying ahead of policy changes.


Identify opportunities for strategic shifts or policy influence


Solution Examples

Pharmacist Prescribing Grid
Pharmacist Prescribing Summary MAC
Pharmacist Prescribing Summary Report